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Simple just got complicated

Now more than ever moving, remodeling or redesigning is taking on a new meaning. Not only is the person handling the details most likely juggling a full-time position, but in the new world, developing a social distancing plan is a real need in the workplace.  In many cases, this role will feel overwhelming. 

The post-Covid Workplace.

The new world requires a new plan

In a post-Covid world, new expectations will fall on business owners to provide a safe environment for their employees. Failure to comply can lead to the loss of good personnel as well as potential lawsuits.

  1. Social distancing plans.  The 6-feet rule will undoubtedly be a part of the new office landscape. We anticipate strong pushback for owners attempting to force staff to work in masks vs. providing social distancing space. If not mandated by the government, employees will certainly think twice before entering an office posing a potential health risk.

  2. Move plans.  Office moves may look different with rate adjustments for smaller crews, potential pandemic insurance riders, and PPA certifications. Scheduling a move-team may require more preplanning than previously needed. 

  3. Remodeling & new construction.  We anticipate needing a higher level of industry knowledge to navigate the new landscape. The days of appointing a staff member as the project point person may be gone. We may see new regulations in furniture manufacturing materials, social distancing certifications as well as longer lead times for construction, do to post-covid demand.  

If you need help assessing potential post-Covid needs for an office move, remodel, or social distancing plan, contact us for a free walk-through. (with a mask)

The Simple Solution

We've been helping organizations with Relocation and Facility Interiors for over 15 years and can help plan, assess, and make recommendations on the next steps for your project.

We manage the details so you can focus on running your business. 

Simple Services

Mix and match services based on your needs.

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We are an approved minority, women owned diversity supplier.

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